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Commercial Portraiture

Your customers rely on your company for many reasons. Do they know who’s behind the services and products they rely on or do they only see stock photos of handshakes and line art animations?

Humans are hardwired to connect with faces. You can easily go a long way toward building trust with your audience with some custom photography of your people doing what they do to serve your customers.

Personal Branding Portraits - Jebb Graff, Photographer

Personal Brand Portraiture

Maybe you’ve got a nice looking profile picture. Maybe you even have a professional headshot. But do you have a variety of portraits that embody your brand? Probably not. We don’t often see ourselves as cool enough to be a spokesperson but the truth is that we are in fact the best spokespeople for our own personal brands.

I know it can feel strange or even wrong to be the center of your own photoshoot. Imposter syndrome can tell us some hugely false and mean stories. I can help you kick those thoughts to the curb and we can make some portraits together that speak your brand’s and your target audience’s language.

Commercial Brand Libraries - Jebb Graff, Photographer

Commercial Brand Libraries 

In addition to putting some faces to the names in your company with portraiture, you should be thinking about highlighting your company’s brand culture in your imagery as well. Commercial brand libraries are full of images that give your audience a feel for the life and energy behind the products and services they buy from you. The beauty of the library format is that you’ll have many images to pull from to support your press releases, LinkedIn articles, advertising, and social media.

The library includes staff interaction, details unique to your company, portraits, and in many cases landscapes and streetscapes from the community you thrive in.

Personal Branding Photography - Jebb Graff, Photographer

Personal Brand Story Libraries

Your brand library goes beyond a handful of portraits and helps to tell your story. Your story is more than a marketing buzzword. It’s a set of images that tells your audience who you are, what you do, and why you do it. It’s your hands in the flour, the flour in the air, and the dough on your apron that gives meaning to those beautiful pictures of the bread you made.

It’s the person behind the idea, products, and services that makes them exciting to have. People want to feel connected to their favorite brands beyond the purchase. We can help them do just that with a solid library of on-brand images to use in your marketing material.

raleigh headshot photographer - Jebb Graff

Professional Headshots

“LinkedIn members with a photo receive far more engagement: 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection requests.” -LinkedIn

A clean fresh headshot not only gets you more engagement across social networks, but it also sends a message that you’re professional. It tells people that you cared to put in some effort to present yourself at your best. You wouldn’t go to a job interview with bed-head in your faded old clothes, so why would you use a photo from 10 years ago with your friend cropped out for your profile picture? You don’t have to book a full brand portrait session to give people a taste of the confident, approachable, attentive you that you know you are.

Motion - Jebb Graff, Photographer


“After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.” -Hubspot
“Video posts on Facebook have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts.” -Social Media Today

Those are some compelling stats. You probably already know the impact of video based on your own online experiences. In addition to strong stills and well-written copy, your brand needs dynamic visuals to communicate with your ideal customer.

I offer motion services ranging from 15-second social loops to longer mini-documentary story pieces. In addition to my own abilities for small projects, I partner with a network of professional motion makers to get it done when your video has larger production requirements. That includes everything from FAA licensed drone pilots to sourcing the perfect voice for a voice-over.

Find out what I do, how it works, and what you get.

Let’s talk about getting you fresh visual content that’s as custom as your own services and brand.

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