Senior Portraits

by Jebb Graff

A note from Jebb about senior portraits.

You are here. You have a lot of options for senior portraits and somehow you landed on my site. I’m hoping you book me.

This is where I’m supposed to have some bold headlines about memories and magic and how much you need my collections and my funky personality for your portraits. That’s what marketing experts say I need to say to get your business. Cool. I’m not a marketer. I’m an artist. Marketers aren’t bad people. I’m sure if I followed their advice, I’d make more money. But you know what? I think you’re more than a target that caves to some buzz words. You’re smarter than that, and we both know it. You don’t need my words to spark an emotional response. Just look at my photos below. If that makes you feel like you want me to make your photographs, get in touch. If not, no problem, the search continues.

Here’s my pitch: I’m a likeable, laid back photographer that wants to make some good looking photographs with you. I really do enjoy making senior portraits. We’ll have fun on your shoot, and I will help you look your best.

I’m on your team on a shoot and want a win for both of us. I don’t currently have a bunch of collections and up-sell add-ons. Some people want that and there is nothing wrong with that at all. If that’s you, I’m not your guy and that’s ok. I live and operate simply. My job is not to make you frustrated. It’s to make you look good in your senior portraits.

Easy Pricing: You pay $500 and that includes a $150 print credit. My print prices start at $25 and go up from there. I’m hoping this comes across as a guy being real and not a guy who couldn’t care less. It’s because I care that I’m choosing to just be me in my business model. Some senior portraits I’ve made are below. You’ll hopefully see that my style is pretty clean. I like to shoot as though I’m photographing you for a story in a magazine. I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee and see if we’re a good fit. If so – let’s make some art together.

TL;DR: I like to be simple and authentic in my style and pricing and hope to make your senior portraits.


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