My Philosophy

It’s people I want to serve, and people I want to photograph.

I love helping and serving people and I love making art.

Photography is the medium that has allowed me to do that the most while also being able to support my family. When times have been tough, I’ve tried to think of what I’d do if I wasn’t running my photography business and well…there’s not a thing I can think of. This is what I studied, this is what I’ve worked hard to do, this is what I love.

When I photograph a landscape, I find myself thinking it would be so much better if a person were in it. When I photograph a still life, I feel more like I’m practicing a craft than art-making. It’s people who make the world relevant to me. It’s people I want to serve, people I want to photograph, and people I want to help be able to speak their truth through imagery.

It’s simply fun and rewarding for me to delight and surprise people with a great experience that delivers results they’re proud of. They get imagery that serves their goals and I get the satisfaction of making art that matters to someone.


I make imagery that speaks your truth.

Let’s talk about getting you fresh visual content that’s as custom as your own services and brand.

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