What services do you offer?

I offer commercial portraiture, commercial brand libraries, personal branding portraits, personal branding story libraries, and professional headshots. Please check out my Services and What I Do pages for more information.

How much do your services cost?

Pricing a photoshoot and then licensing is a custom process that begins with the needs of the photoshoot (production) and ends with how you plan to use the images (licensing). After we have our discovery call, I’ll put together a custom estimate based on the needs we discuss on the call. 

Can you work with my budget?

Knowing your budget is a huge help when it comes to estimating. I strive for candor and transparency and will let you know what I can (or can’t) do within the bounds of your budget.

What's this about licensing - I paid you so the pictures are mine right?

Licensing is a lot like renting a car. You pay more for the longer you need to use the car (usage length), the farther you drive it (local vs. national vs. global usage), and the higher the class/size of the vehicle (internal use vs. billboards vs. full-page print ads). The rental company owns the car (I own the copyright), and you pay to use it (licensing).

Licensing may sound strange, but it’s really pretty simple, and believe it or not, it’s actually more cost-effective. It also allows me to have a sustainable business (sustainability is good for relationships!)

But what if I want to own the copyright?

The car analogy still works with this one. If you want to buy the car, you pay a lot more to own it than you would to rent it. Licensing is the best option for most people, but buyouts can be negotiated.

Can you just send me the raw files?

No. My photographs are my art, and my art is not finished when it’s left in its raw form. I will perform post-processing on all deliverable image files before delivery.

Do you travel?

Absolutely! I love the opportunity to see the common thread that connects people across far reaches. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing people around the country from Charleston to San Francisco to Minneapolis. Where are we headed?

FAQ - Do you travel? | Jebb Graff, Photographer

Shuttling to make a connecting flight at JFK airport in New York. 2 February 2020.

Packed for Travel - FAQ - Jebb Graff, Photographer

Do you do video/motion?

I’m capable and experienced as a director, director of photography, and camera operator for some projects while others may require collaboration with some of my very capable and talented peers that I source for certain motion projects.

I was the Director of Photography and camera operator on this production for a cord blood banking company.

I was Co-Director on this production (more info & behind-the-scenes here) for an at-home blood testing service:

What makes you different?

Not all, but a lot of photographers operate in a transactional way that puts the photographer at the center of the photoshoot. I’m empathetic, I pay close attention to details, I’m attentive to your goals, and I’m on your team. My goal is to help you achieve the imagery you need and do it in a way that you’ll feel good about it too!

Relationships > Transactions

What's it like working with you on set?

I take my work seriously but I don’t take myself too seriously. Anything worth doing on set should be fun even if challenging. I’m a believer in the importance of positive attitudes, mutual respect, background music, and breaks that are truly breaks. Ok, I’ll do a working break if I have to, but mindful downtime lets the unconscious do some incredible problem solving and creativity.

Shoot Day - FAQ - Jebb Graff

Do you use medium format cameras?

Yes. I typically use the Fujifilm GFX50s medium format camera and GF lenses in the studio and on location for the extremely high resolution and flexibility it provides my clients unless a different camera is the better tool for the job.

Jebb Graff, Photographer - Billboard Mock-Up Jebb Graff, Photographer - Bus Stop Mock-Up Jebb Graff, Photographer - Mobile Mock-Up

Do you shoot tethered?

Yes. Tethering to Capture One software allows my clients to see the images on a screen as we shoot which is really helpful for making adjustments on set. The only time I don’t shoot tethered to Capture One is when I’m photographing libraries in a fast-changing setting like a campus life shoot day or slice-of-life work lifestyle when I’m moving quickly from location to location.

Tethered Photography by Jebb Graff

How long have you been doing this?

The first time I traded photography for money was back in 2001 photographing fraternity and sorority parties on a manual film camera for a studio in Columbia, SC. I’ve been photographing in the commercial space since 2006. I’ve been at it for a while now, so I’m able to see a lot of issues before they arise and already know what to do. I’m not knocking n00bz, but my own mistakes have been ones I’ve learned from over the years.

Jebb Graff on the set of When the Archers Come photoshoot with Lily Serrao

On the set of When the Archers Come album cover photoshoot with Lily Serrao. 2009.

What if we aren't a good fit?

If I think there is a better photographer for your project I will refer you to them. I would rather refer a client that I didn’t feel like I could truly help to a colleague than to grind through a relationship and photoshoot just to meet financial goals.

Let’s talk about getting you fresh visual content that’s as custom as your own services and brand.

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