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Automatic For The People

I got this cassette tape for my birthday in 1993. That was 28 years ago at a skating rink in my hometown. It still plays. It has a little bit of that stretched tape warble. Which only makes the nostalgic lump in my throat harder to squeeze air past. In either...

Taking Inventory – Matt Munich – Episode 025

I produce and technical direct the Career Brand Story Podcast which talks about your career, your brand, and your story! If you’d like more information about who we are and what we do, you can follow along on our social channels.Instagram:...

Moving. Not Closing.

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WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest – Day 1

WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest – Day 1

I'll be covering the WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest from my point of view. The catch for me is that I have a full schedule of work, moving and more work throughout the festival. Thus, my POV for the story begins at Stick Boy Bread Co., the local bakery where I currently...

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