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Cookie Mail

Last night I baked off some cookies. We ate them together at the table. Harbour wanted me to save one for him to have today. He was very concerned about it; asking to be sure I’d saved it. I pulled some parchment out of the drawer and made a quick-and-dirty envelope for the cookie, discovered that Scotch tape doesn’t adhere to parchment (well), wrote his name on the outside, discovered Sharpie pens don’t adhere to parchment (well), and let him know I’d hold onto his cookie mail until tomorrow.

International Mountain Day

I'm told it's International Mountain Day, so I thought it'd be a good time to share some photos from the mountains of Colorado. My wife and I recently went out there to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins for the first time. We were speechless most of the time. It's a...

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OMFV 001 – Jessica

OMFV 001 – Jessica

A few years ago I had an idea for a portrait series. The idea was good, but I flopped the execution of it. Jessica. © 2013 Jebb Graff. Here was the plan: At a street festival called "Celebration of the Arts" in downtown Fuquay-Varina, I would have a booth that didn't...

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