All of the online schedules I send to my clients, leads, and peers are made inside of my business hub, 17hats. That’s already awesome because I don’t need to have yet another service (C@l*ndly) to keep up with, sync, etc. and people can schedule time with me within the one tab in my browser that stays open all day every day. Yep, I’ll close my email tabs so I can get work done distraction-free, but 17hats is always open.

After seeing some posts in a couple of user groups about customizing the 17hats online scheduling, I decided to make a short-ish video to help others know exactly how to go about embedding their 17hats online schedules into their own website for some sweet sweet customization. Check that video out below.


17hats Online Scheduling

I use online scheduling for different services, but one of my most used is for booking your Studio Headshot Session.

You can sign up for 17hats for free and receive 3 free projects. Then you can select which plan you like the most and purchase a monthly or yearly subscription. Let them know I sent you by using my referral code of ndrvhfntvk.

Oh, and make sure you take advantage of their free Getting Started Workshops to help you get going.

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