Early in 2020 I became the producer of a new podcast called Career Brand Story and I’m just now getting around to officially sharing that tidbit of information. Career Brand Story is a podcast that provides expert career coaching every week from host Jeremy Tudor. And guess what? I’m a guest on it every week too which makes me both a podcast producer and a podcaster which I think is pretty darn cool.

Before you dismiss it as a stiff podcast about how to move up the corporate ladder by being another cog in the big business machine, I’d encourage you to give us a listen. Jeremy Tudor’s career coaching business is all about helping people thrive in their life and do what they love. That means we cover a lot of topics on our podcast about how not to be a cog. We talk about becoming unstuck. We discuss topics as practical as how to update your LinkedIn profile and as complex as behavioral psychology. All of our discussion is kept conversational and we have guests too, so it’s not just two middle-aged men pontificating about careers.

You can listen to it pretty much everywhere podcasts are played and you can even watch it on YouTube. It’d mean a lot if you subscribed and listened. I’ll be adding all of our episodes thus far and future episodes to my blog here too.

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