Jebb Graff Glitter Beard by Charissa James

Jebb Graff Glitter Beard by Charissa James
Photo by Charissa James

I think I’m going to shave my beard and do the daily picture thing so I can have a fun time-lapse video of the re-growth this time next year.

The beard trend has been pretty fun, I’ll admit. I’ve worn some kind of facial hair since my freshman year of college (regrettably at times). I think it’s cool that I can walk through a store and other men will actually talk to me because my face is hairy. I mean really – guys don’t typically strike up general conversation with strangers. Who knew facial hair would get folks talking to each other?

I’m a little scared to do this. It’s become a part of my identity and that’s honestly one reason I want to see it go for a while. I am not my beard and all that. Seems strange, I know, but the reality is I’m not a super confident, self-esteem filled person. My beard has helped me feel more confident and possibly even attractive at times.

A lady asked me the other day how long it took me to grow my current one, and I didn’t really know for sure because I’ve trimmed it here and there. I think this will be fun to have a personal record of the stages and time it takes for me to feel alright about my face – or the challenge of feeling alright about my face regardless of follicles.

Also, my son is going through a grab and pull hard phase at the moment and that hurts.

We live in a world where I publish a post on the internet about my grooming plans. Sorry.

Here goes something.

I almost said “here grows something”. That would have been awful.


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