I’m officially a year late. Last year, 2013, was the year of the selfie, and here I am rolling in with mine in 2014. I take a self portrait every year on my birthday. I started this tradition in 2010, so not much has changed other than a few more wrinkles and deeper shadows under the bags that drape from my eyes.

Jebb Graff | Photographer - Selfie

Jebb Graff | Photographer - Selfie
Birthday 2014

Today’s story is that I turned 34 and finally took this “new” website out of maintenance mode. I did that dumb thing last year where I announced that in 2014, this site would be launched and full of of new photos. January became February, and so on and so forth…Morgan Freeman could make the story interesting. I cannot.

It’s September 5th. Some of the photos in my portfolio are old. But they’ll be replaced with something new at the right time. I’m not going to drone about all the things that have kept me from getting this live or how the state of business is.

I simply want to welcome you to my new site. My new blog. My new outlook.

I’m 34 years old today and I’ve spent too much time running away from the word artist while trying to convince a demographic that that’s what they’re buying. I’ll accept it. I make art. It’s not always inexpensive. It’s not always trendy. It doesn’t always look the way you think art should look. It does last forever. Like it or not.

If you’re looking for my high school senior portrait work, look here: http://seniors.jebbgraff.com

There will be a few more features and updates added here soon, but right now I need to get on the road to Charleston, SC to celebrate my birthday and my mom’s retirement.

Have a great weekend!


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