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Another Late One

Then I drove home in the middle of the night. Alone on tar rivers oozing under heavy air. A 35mph speed limit. I was Heinz ketchup before squeeze bottles. I was a go kart with a governed throttle. Time itself signaled and passed; in a double yellow section, of course....

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Health Lately

I used to wonder why it seemed that so many people had encounters with God while I felt He was too far away and inaccessible. Then one night in a church group, I said/asked something to the effect of "ok, so you always say to listen to God, but I never hear Him...

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Bask in the light. Grow in the dark.

Here I am crushing it, hustling, pivoting, being positive, branding, defining, transitioning, parenting, riding the seasons, bearing the seasons, being authentic, hiding, cowering, buzz-wording. Looking for light. Looking for truth. Taking pictures.

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WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest – Day 1

I'll be covering the WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest from my point of view. The catch for me is that I have a full schedule of work, moving and more work throughout the festival. Thus, my POV for the story begins at Stick Boy Bread Co., the local bakery where I currently...

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 More for Priority Draft. More on the way! #omfv #Repost @prioritydraft (@get_repost) ・・・ @lazymagnoliabrewery Southern Pecan is a sweet, smooth brown ale that's perfect all year round! . . . . #beer #beerporn #craft #craftbeer #prioritydraft #shoplocal #shopsmallbusiness #supportsmallbiz #beerdelivery #raleigh #raleighnc #raleighbeerdelivery  #safeharbour
 "Red and white for blood cells. Red and white for wine..." -OK Go #Repost @prioritydraft (@get_repost) ・・・ That's right! We'll have plenty of #wine available for #delivery as well. You could get #local favorites like @mcritchiewinery delivered to your doorstep! 7.31.17  About to get on the road with my favorite people. #safeharbour



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