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Bask in the light. Grow in the dark.

Here I am crushing it, hustling, pivoting, being positive, branding, defining, transitioning, parenting, riding the seasons, bearing the seasons, being authentic, hiding, cowering, buzz-wording. Looking for light. Looking for truth. Taking pictures.

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WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest – Day 1

I'll be covering the WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest from my point of view. The catch for me is that I have a full schedule of work, moving and more work throughout the festival. Thus, my POV for the story begins at Stick Boy Bread Co., the local bakery where I currently...

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 I'm switching my plates. My color's correct. Thanks @xritephoto ! #omfv #fvdowntown #bts #colorchecker #colorcheckerpassport  Marching #trombone in the Georgia Dome at Bands of America in 1997. Shostakovich's 5th. Some of the best days of my life. #bando #spiritofgold #bandnerd #lowbrass #dontblink #toesup
 Methinks Wile E Coyote came up with this packaging. And I love it. #filmingequipment  I try to make friends on photo shoots. #moo #snowday ❄️



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