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Bask in the light. Grow in the dark.

Here I am crushing it, hustling, pivoting, being positive, branding, defining, transitioning, parenting, riding the seasons, bearing the seasons, being authentic, hiding, cowering, buzz-wording. Looking for light. Looking for truth. Taking...

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WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest – Day 1

I’ll be covering the WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest from my point of view. The catch for me is that I have a full schedule of work, moving and more work throughout the festival. Thus, my POV for the story begins at Stick Boy Bread Co., the local bakery where I...

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 And our first beach trip since 2012 begins! #safeharbour #ontheroadagain #instax  There was a time that I was convinced I was going to make a photo series of bathrooms in famous places because I have IBS and I used to spend a lot of time in bathrooms. That time has...passed? #guggenheim #bathroom #ibs #film #nyc #realtalk #wealldoit #circa2001 #springbreak2001 #springbreak
 Breakfast with Harbour is a happy place. #safeharbour #toast #peanutbutter #baby  Follow @littleherbhouse for a peek at what I've been up to. They're a beloved client of mine which happens to be a gorgeous wedding venue featuring an authentic barn and some also gorgeous gardens. I'm currently managing their Instagram as well as shooting a decent bit of their photography unless otherwise noted. This is the owner flagging the Sun at a dinner party last Sunday. #blackandwhite #littleherbhouse



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