NOTE: Blog posts dating back to May 2003 can be found here on the old blog. This is a new site, so I’m starting fresh for now.

On My Way Back

This building is impossible to miss while driving down Main St. in downtown, Fuquay-Varina. It’s a piece of history and way-finding gold. I’m always saying “Stick Boy is right past Ann’s Diamond Center if you’re going towards... read more

Destiny’s Senior Portraits

When I moved here from Charleston, SC in 2010, I decided to give wedding photography a long break. I had a vision of photographing babies and families primarily. After several shoots with babies, I realized that while I was decentĀ at taking pictures of them, I... read more

Same Old Story, New Outlook

I’m officially a year late. Last year, 2013, was the year of the selfie, and here I am rolling in with mine in 2014. I take a self portrait every year on my birthday. I started this tradition in 2010, so not much has changed other than a few more wrinkles and... read more

For Wesley, Jennifer, family, and friends.

We wore suits. We wore neck ties. We rolled up our hard small-town skin. We wore our hearts as tie tacks. We took off from our low, medium, and high salaried jobs. We skipped our master’s degree exams. We championed young professionals. We walked in a garden of... read more